independent full stack developer

Hey, my name is Aleksey, I'm a full stack developer with huge background in computer science (master degree), and I'm a really experienced developer.

10+ years of varied experience as an independent, full-time freelancer. I specialized in custom projects from scratch. To make your project launching successful, you have to see your goals clearly and let me take over all your technical questions and how it will be done.

I want to help you get the freedom of using a freelance developer, not the headache and nightmare of task management, time-consumed conversations, requirements, scopes, and so on. Just share with me the goal(s) of your project, when you need it and how much you are willing to spend on it, and I will get you the best solution specifically for your case.

I'm familiar with different technologies and tools, and it gives me the chance to choose the most suitable tools to make your project successful. Because sometimes some things work better on NodeJS, while others are better to build with Angular/VueJS and Laravel.