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What's a storytelling? Check out new startup that makes it easy - Fixel startup

Sunday, August 07, 2022

What's a storytelling

People around the world today are fascinated by cool picture and creative videos, whether they are slow motion, time lapse or a regular one. Social media like Facebook, tweeter inspires people to make such visual storytelling so they can show their story to the world. But a general perception about creating such cool visual stories is that it can’t be made easily, lets leave it to the pro’s or the equipment, software’s that can edit them are very expensive.

Well fortunately that’s not the case. Fixel will fix all these visual stories for you. Fixel is a very powerful software that can create such visual storytelling in a few clicks. You don’t need any special expertise either. It’s a very simple and handy tool that can take care of everything on its own.

All you need is to drag some scales. 

About fixel

Fixel photos is a company that started in 2011 and up till now in the last 4 years they have conquered some big milestones that includes being awarded Digital Company of the Year at Canada’s Digi Awards, Apple Design Award and Best App of 2014 in the App Store. The company aims to provide best possible facilities in video editing. These facilities include mainly creating cinemagraphs, per second and time lapse videos.

Out of their services they are rated as the world’s most popular software platform for creating cinemagraphs. Cinemagraps are basically still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. Moreover, an animated GIF of high quality. The software that fixel provides for creation of cinemagraphs is extremely simple. Interface is user friendly as you just need to upload the video, select a still frame and manually select the motion in that frame.

That’s it! Your cinemagraph is ready. It is that simple to use. Similarly the time lapse videos are simple to make you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert. All you need to do is select the set of photos, Import an image sequence, trim the length, adjust speed, playback direction and you’re done. It is even simpler with the interface in front of you.

Mobile devices

These softwares are available on iDevces such as your iPhone, iPad or MacBook. Other than these services fixel offers a number of other facilities like online cloud storage capacity up to 1 TB, Custom watermarks and links. That’s not all, if you have some creative ideas in mind and want to Impalement them in real for television campaign or short advertisements for social media fixel studio will help you create them. Fixel offers you to work with them. You can create master quality micro videos for Television or social media as they will take care of it. Yes, they will edit and create your idea and implement it in real.


Thinking about the price range these services are offered in? Don’t worry about that because fixel offers 1 week of free demo. You can download the software and use it for free. Make cool cinemagraphs, edit time lapse videos for completely free the first week. Fixel is also offering their services to teach you, you can learn online with fixel learning labs. Watch the online tutorials in sequence that will teach you how to edit professionally.

So what are you waiting for start making the video you have always wanted to make with Fixel .

You can try these cool software here

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