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Handwriting device that is absolutely unique startup

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ever wonder about those childhood days where all your notes, homework and even imaginations were recorded on a paper with a pencil, we all go through these nostalgic feelings at some point in our life time. But this is the age of the digital touch where all our data is stored in digital form on our smart phones or tablets and as we know all these devices have a digital footprint. The smart phone and the tablet has been so deeply entrenched in our day-to-day affairs that they have almost become an extension of our body.

For those people who had notepads before to record or write down important notes from their days, these notepads have been replaced by digital tablets. Still if someone obviously wants to make use of the latest technology of the tablets but yearns for simple paper and pencil to make full use of his thoughts, and for those people exactly this is where Noteslate comes in.

Noteslate exterior

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What's a storytelling? Check out new startup that makes it easy - Fixel startup

Thursday, February 22, 2024

What's a storytelling

People around the world today are fascinated by cool picture and creative videos, whether they are slow motion, time lapse or a regular one. Social media like Facebook, tweeter inspires people to make such visual storytelling so they can show their story to the world. But a general perception about creating such cool visual stories is that it can’t be made easily, lets leave it to the pro’s or the equipment, software’s that can edit them are very expensive.

Well fortunately that’s not the case. Fixel will fix all these visual stories for you. Fixel is a very powerful software that can create such visual storytelling in a few clicks. You don’t need any special expertise either. It’s a very simple and handy tool that can take care of everything on its own.

All you need is to drag some scales. 

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How to use JSON and Laravel with MySQL

Thursday, February 22, 2024

My lead framework is Laravel, and I really like to use it with MongoDB, and I do it for the most of time. But sometimes, especially when you worked with legacy code, I have to use MySQL that doesn't support JSON as datatype, so in this case I should use json_encode() everytime when I need to store Arrays and json_decode() when I need to get it back.

Laravel is a powerfull framework with a lot of small features for web artisans that makes our life easier, I want tell about Eloquent mutators and Array & JSON Casting.

How to use this mutator? It' easy, Laravel will do it automatically. Let's imaging that we have a some class for Event where we store Speakers, and need to store them in MySQL without JSON support.

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